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Comedians Toby Halligan and Mathew Kenneally reveal the internal workings of Federal Parliament with their exclusive access to diary entries from within the halls of power.
Bronyn Bishop has come under serious criticism for taking a helicopter from Melbourne to Geelong to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser. Even Joe Hockey has said it “instinctively” fails the sniff test, but that Ms. Bishop should have the chance to explain.

It’s important not to judge. Maybe Bronwyn is trying to give the helicopter industry a leg-up. Maybe she saw an episode of the Jetsons and thought we should all have flying cars, starting with her.

In the spirit of empathy and understanding we have tried to think of those situations where all of us could use a helicopter.

1. You want to pick your daughter up from her Indonesian lessons and take her straight to Bali.

2. You want to avoid the rabble: unlike Parliament you cannot eject other motorists off the highway for breaking road rules.

3. You're worried about your health: commercial airflights involve sharing air with hundreds of people and with recent cuts to health you can't be too careful.
4. You forgot to book flights to a wedding on the Whitsundays.

5. You want to pick the kids up from child care without the hassle of city traffic

6. Traveling in Melbourne from the north side of the river to the south side.

7. Traveling across the harbor in Sydney - why pay for the tunnel?

8. You want to travel between Canberra and Sydney without being confronted by wind farms.

9. It's 840am on Monday morning and you feel a little too fragile to squeeze on the train.

10. Your car has broken down and the government has failed to deliver the promised train line to your outer suburban development.

11. It's 43 degrees in Melbourne and you cannot afford to be delayed from your gin & tonic.

12. Flying is statistically a far safer mode of travel than driving, and there are no commercial airlines that fly direct from Melbourne to your favourite Geelong country club. What choice do you have?

Over to you commercial airlines, lets get Helicopter fares down from $5000. I’m sure Tiger could get it down to at least $500, although it may require passengers to fly the choppers themselves!